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We will provide you with commercial and industrial properties in Eastern Slovakia according to your needs. The East of Slovakia is becoming a point of interest to developers and potential tenants thanks to a growing market.

Industrial Park STELMO Kosice

The premises of the company are ideal for industrial tasks and processing, also for storage purposes. It has a good infrastructure and easy access for all vehicles. The company has a good tradition and experience with firms all over Europe.

Several companies are based on the premises of the industrial area and do locksmiths tasks, steel construction production and electrics tasks.


We let 20 000m2 of covered area under roofs and 12000 m2 free land for storage space and parking LGV and HGV.

  • letting industrial units and storage spaces from 100m2 to 20 000m2. There are overhead bridge cranes with the ability to carry loads from 5tons to 20tons. The industrial halls are heated on the request of tenant.
  • floor loading: 7 t/m2
  • letting workshops ideal for carpentry and locksmiths tasks
  • letting storage space outside with possibility to use overhead bridge cranes which can carry loads up to 20 tons
  • letting parking places for personal cars or HGV.
  • letting offices and dressing rooms
  • possibility to use a railway which is connected to the main railways of Slovak republic

Industrial Park in Slovakia Trebisov 25000m2, for rent / for sale

Park comprises of:
Production hall (completely renewed): 1200 m2, clear height: 5 m, high floor loading capacity.
Production hall with bridge cranes: 2 x 2 000 m2, clear height: 5 m.
Production hall (completely renewed): 800 m2, clear height: 3 m, high floor loading capacity.
Exterior overhead bridge crane.
Warehouse: 1 700 m2, 400 m2 and the smaller halls, clear height: 4 m.
3 x Workshops in Granary / Mill: 200 m2, 500 m2 and 700 m2. Suitable as a truck and bus repair sevice.
Hall with the port rail Loading and unloading: 1 000 m2, clear height: 3 m, hall with loading docks, heated.

ru: Аренда - склады, производственные помещения в г.Кошице Словакия

de: Zur Miete - Produktionshallen, Lagerhäuser, Werkstätte, Parkplätze, Büros - Kosice, Slowakei

zh: 出租 - 生产车间 仓库 停车场 写字楼 - 斯洛伐克科希策

hu: Kiadó - gyártócsarnokok, raktárak, műhelyek, parkolók, irodák - Kassa, Szlovákia

pl: Do wynajęcia - hal produkcyjnych, magazynów, warsztatów, parkingów, biur - Koszyce, Słowacja

Industrial parks in Slovakia:

Industrial park STELMO Kosice (PDF)
- the trading and industrial part of the Kosice city
- bridge cranes: 20 tons, clear height: 11 m
- 24 h. security guards and security cameras
- rail siding, good approach for vehicles
- the flexibility of the landlord.

Logistics Park EXIsport + ATRIA co (PDF)
- rental of storage space and warehouses

Industrial Park for Sale - Slovakia Trebisov (PDF)

Contact: Marek Palkoci

CEO, Marco Estate

☎ 00421 910 192 057


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